Download x2ipi and ipi2win

Software for electrical resistivity prospecting (VES and ERT, 2D resistivity imaging, induced polarization) 

Freeware versions 
The limitations of freeware version:
x2ipi72 - 3000 readings, 81 electrodes, no IP data;
x2ipi48 - 600 reading, 48 electrodes, IP data support 
Full version (Sign)  / 28-05-2022For Guardant Sign dongle ( MS Windows XP to Windows 11 ), all drivers are included
Full version (Stealth II) / 15-01-2018For Guardant Stealth II dongle (public code FS0K10T)
Full version (Stealth III) / 04-02-2019  For old Guardant Stealth III gongles
 ipi2win - freeware version (2016) 1D interpretation software of VES and VES-IP curves
(upto 15 VES curve in one profile)
  ipi2win (Sign dongle) version (2021)  1D interpretation software of VES and VES-IP curves
(upto 800 VES curve in one profile)
 Video tutorial for ipi2win Youtube play list by Alex Kaminski (different languages) 
 Manual for x2ipi /29-12-2017
 Antivurus softwareAll programs are protected from hacking and from viruses. This causes some anti-virus programs to consider these files as dangerous.
See full size image below. 
    Hardware key (dongle) software drivers and diagnostics
guardant.comGuardant dongles drivers page. Attention! You have to switch off "Core isolation" before driver installation on Windows 11
GrdDiag.exeDongle diagnostics
Sequences examples (Wenner-Schlumberger, Dipole-Dipole, Pole-dipole arrays)
 Syscal-Pro Switch 72[.txt] format, see details
 Syscal-Pro Switch 48[.txt] format, see details
 Terrameter LS (4x21)[.xml] format, see details
  Terrameter LS (2x21)  [.xml] and [.org] formats, see details

x2ipi is supported by IRIS Instruments

The results of for x2ipi72.exe