The last changes in x2ipi soft.
  1. Read data in Prosys III format TXT and CVS format.
  2. Read IP times from Prosys II/III data files.
  3. Write data in Prosys II format.
  4. Read and save ZondRes2d z2d input files.
  5. Zoom option for Section window.
  6. Read and save Type of Geometric factor for Res2dinv data file.
  7. Read and save Global coordinates for Res2dinv data file.
  8. Underwater survey parameters input and output.
  9. Type of array indication in spacing table.
  10. Wide lines for profiling presentation chart.
  11. New option for asymmetrical array presentation: divide asymmetrical array data in Schlumberger and Dipole-Dipole array.
Cables with 4 and 5 meters in one dataset